Privacy Policy

Rules for the processing of personal data of individuals.
1. What data is being processed:
 - Customer's name, surname, personal identity number or date of birth of the natural persons, address of the declared place of residence, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account number (hereinafter - Data).
2. Purpose of data processing:
 - Data is processed to administer the relationship between the parties in relation to sales and delivery services, to write and send invoices.
 - In order to fulfill the company's legitimate interests, respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject,
 - If data is processed for other purposes, natural persons will be requested in advance - the data subject's consent to the processing of the data.
3. Access to and Storage of Data:
 - Data is recorded on invoices issued and bill of lading stored in closed premises that have access only to the management and authorized employees of the company.
 - Data is recorded in the accounting program. The program only has access to company employees, access protected with a secure password.
 - Data is protected from outside access, their use is monitored. Access to personal data is restricted to the employees for whom they are required for the performance of their duties.
 - Data will not be sent outside the EU or the EEA unless it is necessary for the technical data protection of the data.
4. Disclosure:
 - Data may be provided to law enforcement authorities on the basis of a request from a competent public officer.
5. Data Storage Duration:
- Data is stored within the legal timeframe, then Data is deleted.
6. Rights of the data subject:
 - Natural persons have the right to verify any data related to them, to request rectification, erasure or supplementation of incorrectly reported data, to prohibit the use of their data for purposes other than the provision of sales and delivery services, as well as other data subject's statutory rights.