Retro console 64gb 20 000 games

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The latest 2024 retro game console 4K with two wireless controllers and 20000 popular games. This is the best option for those who want to remember nostalgic computer games from their childhood, because it supports two console games in one - 8Bit (Dendy, Ziliton) and 16Bit (Sega). Remember the most popular games: Aladdin, Mortal Combat, Vector Man, Streets of Rage, Sonic, Prince of Persia, Castlevania, BattleCity (Tanks), Darkwing Duck, Contra, Turtle Ninja, Chip 'n Dale, Mega Man, Super Mario, and hundreds of other nostalgic games. The game console is similar in size and appearance to a USB flash drive that you plug into your TV. Plug and play system, without complex settings and piles of wires. The package includes two wireless controllers, because it's more fun to play with two. This revamped model has a game search function, the ability to select your favorite games, and a game progress save function so that the next time you play, you can pick up where you left off in the previous game. The list of games is shown with pictures to make it easier to remember which game you want to play.


2-Two wireless remotes

1- Console

1 - 64 GB memory card 20 000 games

1 - Usb charger

1- Tutorial in English, Latvian

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